Hey, I'm Steven Naber. A recent Computer Systems graduate from the Inland Empire with a passion for programming.


Captain's Blog Website
Nov 2019 – Present

  • Created a full stack blog website with the Materialize framework, Node.js/Express.js, and MongoDB.
  • Fully deployed through Heroku, MongoDB Cloud, and secured and optimized through Cloudflare.
  • Users can create public or private blogs with access control and comment on other blog posts.
JavaScript Node.js Express.js MongoDB Heroku Full Stack Web Development

Anabi Oil Intranet Website
May 2019 – Present

  • Created an engaging intranet WordPress site, utilizing CSS & JavaScript to go beyond the service limitations.
  • Managed the implementation of security measures including restricted login, IP address white listing, and firewall to prevent access from unauthorized users.
  • Designed the UI and created graphics with Photoshop to make the site more eye catching.

With respect to confidentiality I am unable to share images, a live demo, or source code.

WordPress CSS JavaScript UI Design Web Development Web Security

TrueCare for Pets Pawcast
Jan 2019 – Present

  • Produced an animal health podcast with hundreds of listeners in collaboration with a board certified surgeon and part owner of a Los Angeles veterinary hospital.
  • Audio mix and engineer for each episode.
  • Managed the distribution of episodes.
Audio Engineering Audio Production Web Development

Personal Website
Oct 2017 – July 2018

  • Implemented a personal portfolio website with GitHub Pages, Cloudflare, and Git version control.
  • Uses the Bootstrap framework for responsive design on all platforms.
  • It's the website you're currently on.
Git HTML/CSS Bootstrap 3 Web Design Web Development

UB Hackers Club Website
Feb 2018 – May 2018

  • Website for my Computer Science club that I instructed (during the 2017-2018 academic year) through the Upward Bound program at CSUSB.
  • Hosts C++ and Unity3D code for students to download.
  • Utilizes Google Forms for students to check in/out as well as club applications.
Git HTML/CSS Bootstrap 3 Web Design Google Docs

Circuit Snap
4-person project | Jan 2018 – Mar 2018

  • Created a virtual breadboard circuit mobile app to help Physics students practice circuitry without hardware.
  • Practiced agile software development within a team with frequent collaboration with the client.
  • Acted as a software engineer and sole UI Designer.

Our project should be continued on in future iterations of the CSE 455: Software Engineer CSUSB course.

Unity2D Git C# App Development Graphic Design

Oracle SQL Music Database
4-person project | Oct 2017 – Dec 2017

  • Conceptually designed database with named entities and attributes, relationships, and an Entity-Relationship Diagram in UML.
  • Full normalization of database design with defined constraints on design.
  • Created full implementation SQL file with CREATE, TRIGGER, INDEX, VIEW, UPDATE, and SELECT statements.
SQL Oracle Database Management Database Normalization

Melancholia and the Halloween Curse
Jan 2018 – Mar 2018

  • Implemented with GameMaker Studio 1.4 and GML language.
  • Created the game’s engine from the ground up including a system for stats, menus, battle, saving/loading, and items.
  • Created all the music and sound effects as well as designed all the art in the game using a pixel art style.
GameMaker Studio 1.4 GML Game Development Music Production Art Design Character Design

DevOps Environment
2-person project | Apr 2017 – Jun 2017

  • Utilizes DigitalOcean for CloudVM with Linux Ubuntu.
  • Demonstrates a productive workflow between a team of Docker developers.
  • Nagios and Jenkins deploys for system monitoring and automation tasks.
Ubuntu DevOps Docker CloudVM

LAMP Web Server
2-person project | Jan 2017 – Mar 2017

  • Uses Ubuntu Server 12.04 to create an Apache2 secure web server.
  • Includes PHP and MySQL as a web back-end.
  • SQL Databases are used to store user registration and login data with different access levels.
  • Different web content is deployed depending on the user's access level.
Ubuntu Server 12.04 Web Development HTML/CSS PHP MySQL